AWT was founded in 1990 by Wolfgang Noack and Dr. Heinz Thiemann.

The working group deals with the design, development and production of scientific instruments for global ionospheric plasma investigations. The production of space-qualified equipment/experiments, the necessary test procedures as well as the responsible scientific and technical support at the launch site is part of the project support.

In cooperation with national and international research institutions, AWT establishes measuring facilities for nuclear fusion diagnostics. For the recording of radiation intensity and flux density in the plasma of research reactors, measurement technology for bolometer and neutral gas density sensors is developed and operates worldwide.

Extensive knowledge and many years of experience in the area of high−sensivity and precise signal acquisition result in a number of applications, including also in the medical diagnostics. The focus of the development is on the detection of intraoperative neuronal behavoir by means of stimulation and aquisition.

AWT is managed by Wolfgang Noack, M.Eng.


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