Space Physics ⁄ Technology

Extensive experience is available for the scientific planning, development and production for a number of standard measurement system used for ionospheric investigations with satellite- and rocket borne Instruments. Projects as well as individual experiment ⁄ flight units are included in the listing.


  • Plasma diagnostics
  • Ionospheric models
  • Particle−in−cell (PIC) simulation (solar arrays, satellite structures)
  • MAS Millimeter wave Atmospheric Sounder

Experiments⁄Flight Units

  • Langmuir Probe LP
  • Retarding Potential Analyser RPA
  • Impedance Probe IP
  • E-Field Probe EP
  • Resonance Cone Probe RP
  • EUV Spectrometer
  • Helium Resonance Spectrometer

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